And if you’re still wondering what exactly this Katy Keene thing is all about, it’s time to get enlightened. A legend in her time, Katy Keene was an inspiration for the aspiring, young fashion designers of her day. Although somewhat absent from current mass culture awareness, she is still the object of ardent interest and fascination. Jerico hopes to revive both the memory of Katy, and her enthusiastic and caring creator, Bill Woggon at the Art Celebration. Because it was his grandfather’s early support and inspiriation that propelled him into an art career, Jerico thought of no better way to celebrate his own success than by toasting Katy (and Bill Woggon) on her 60th birthday. “Come get inspired.,” said Woggon. So, come raise a glass for Jerico and Katy at this anything-but-stuffy art reception and celebration.

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• 02.04.05  My Robot Ran Away With My   Cherry  BaySpo, Oakland's Japanese   Weekly Entertainment Paper
• 04.01.05 LaLaLand Gallery
  Art in the Dark Juxapose

• 04.02.05
LaLaLand Gallery
  Art in the Dark  LA Weekly

• 02.10.05: Ansel Adams Look Out!
   Jerico's DAD wins Photo contest

• 01.20.05 Artist Reception review SF, CA

• 01.20.05 Artist Reception SF, CA

• 12.24.05 LA Alternative Press:
   "Sea Of Dreams 05" preview

12.23.04 Montecito Journal: "Light Up the    Night"

• 12.19.04 Santa Barbara News Press:
    "Light Up the Night"

• 12.10.04 Sara House "Light Up the Night"   15TH annual Santa Barbara Aids Housing
enefit. press release

• 12.07.04 Opening Reception My Robot
   Ran Away With My Cherry in SF

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