"Being inside creation, that is the driving force. I create art installations that infuse the environment with vibrant colors, fashion and dance. The work seeks to bring you an energy that is created by the moment and for the moment. I want to create a space where you can have it all: good friends and beauty all around."
                                                         --Jerico Woggon

Born and raised in Summerland, California, Jerico Woggon is a painter, installation artist and event designer whose collaborative art installations have appeared at Burning Man, Coachella, and numerous other art events and festivals. He lives and works in the downtown Arts District in Los Angeles, California.

Woggon has been heavily influenced by the art of his grandfather, Bill Woggon (creator of the 1945 Archie comic book supermodel Katy Keene), and by Southern California custom car culture. Woggon initally trained as an automotive refinish technician and eventually worked for promotional vehicle specialists Prototype Source (Hershey Kiss Mobile, Planters Peanut Hot Rod, and the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile). It was while he was still working in the automotive industry that Woggon began planning full-fledged art happenings and parties.

After ten years, Woggon’s parties (including 2001: A Dance Odyssey and his epic Halloween parties) bred a cult following and and grew to include thousands of guests. After designing concepts for each event space, Woggon became interested in creating large scale art installations. One especially successful installation, “Year of the Snake,” is a 138 foot long UV black light sensitive painting on canvas that was featured at Burning Man in 2003, and is still one of the most popular examples of black light art on the Internet. (It is ranked five on Google).

Currently, Woggon has focused all his energy on his art projects, and traces of his grandfather’s influence and his work with cars and party planning are still evident in his super-charged color palate and graphic use of lines. His current exhibition at 2223 Restaurant and Bar, “My Robot Ran Away with My Cherry in San Francisco,” is his first solo show of paintings.


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