My Robot Ran Away With My Cherry In San Francisco

Pop art, pop culture, and a few popped cherries, artist Jerico Woggon’s first solo art show was a success. Opening January 7th 2005, Jerico and company took the Castro district of San Francisco, California by storm on January 20th to celebrate his body of work. Woggon took this opportunity to open the doors of restaurant 2223 (2223 Market, San Francisco) to welcome his fans to meet, greet, and drink. Tipping his hat to the roots of his talents, Jerico congratulated his Grandfather’s creation, Katy Keene, on her 60 years in comic books with a birthday cake and a life size pin-up Katy Keene look alike (Jaime Waxman) blowing out the candles.

Making your way through the crowded bar and dinning room, San Francisco’s sceensters, art aficionados, and supporters of the community banded together to suck down a few cocktails and check out some art. Scattered about the walls, Woggons work brought a few smirks, a few smiles, and a few furrowed brows to the faces of patrons. Described as fallic, sexual, embryonic, futuristic, robotic, and animated, the art sparked many discussions. Energetic and bustling, patrons scurried about making sure to see all that Jerico had to offer. The cherry paintings seemed to melt right off the wall and into the hands of art lovers, while the delicious appetizers provided by the restaurant melted in my mouth.

The bright color palate Woggon uses to create his work is a reflection of the artist himself, cheerful, playful, and happy to be alive. Bombarded with fans, congratulating his work, relating childhood memories about Katy Keene, and checking out his duds, Jerico took it in stride with a huge infectious grin. Tall, blonde, and rockabilly Jerico was a walking canvas. His button up had embroidered cherries strategically placed on his shirt pockets, the back bearing Katy Keene, and his pants striped with embroidered cherries. You couldn’t help but smile back at the beaming artist. He seemed like he couldn’t believe it, his art show was hands down a success!

As guests roamed the room attempting to determine what the art and his outfit were suggesting, many gravitated toward “The Robot Room.”         >> read more >> photos >>

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