A collaborative experiment with animator Tony Peluce, Jerico brought his multi canvas painting of a robot to life. Implied by the title of the art show, the robot is running away with Jericos cherry, obviously a special night for the artist. Techies and Silicon Valley dwellers were pleased to see art and technology in their natural state together like a nerd and a cheerleader post high school graduation. People were mesmerized with the robot whose stationary counterpart cleverly hung next to the animated projection. While entranced, gazing at the running robot one patron was quoted saying “…symmetrical objects, organized patterns…A place with color and curves, movement, and a place where the symmetry and contrast hit me and then I realized…I was seeing a robot.” Though his delivery implied the open bar was being fully taken advantage of his tone was sincere, he was truly moved by the multimedia approach to art.

Jerico’s family tree proves he comes by his flare for the arts naturally. Grandfather Bill Woggon captivated the minds of youngsters and comic book fans for years with his Katy Keene series. Relying heavily on his own family for inspiration, Jericos Grandmother is rumored to be a central character in the series. Several Katy Keene followers came to the art celebration to honor the inspirational character. Katy Keene’s fierce femininity, strength, sexuality, and unmatched sense of style impacted so many readers. Centered in the room was the Katy Keene table where collectors could leaf through original copies of the comic books, read up on Katy Keene history, and inquire about Jerico’s upcoming projects. With upcoming installations at art and music festivals, Burning Man and Coachella, he has a lot of cherry pie on his plate. Jerico is keeping his Grandfathers legacy alive, rejuvenating the spirit of Katy Keene, driven and dedicated to bringing her back to life while following his own dreams as an artist.

Rounding out the evening, philanthropist and friend Kevin Harder was thanked for his recent contribution to the community. Though uninterested in the spotlight, the announcement of his 7 million dollar donation brought a wave of applause and a cherry tint to his cheeks. Jerico then stepped to lead everyone in singing “Happy Birthday” to Katy Keene and thanking everyone for attending just before chasing down his runaway cherry.
-by Holland Ingersoll

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